This shine prjct is from Toronto

Last year was TRANSFORMATIVE. This year’s word:EXPANSIVE

Seeing the bigger picture. At times staying where you are can feel stagnant. Movement offers change in a monumental way.

I’ve always enjoyed travelling and when I first started this blog, I thought travelling was done but after 10 years in Toronto with a small trip here and there. I started travelling again! I love the feeling of drawing inspiration from new places and revisiting old spaces to create new memories.

I’ve always seen travelling as a huge privilege and I’m so grateful to do it as much as I can! I’ve always looked at simple things with such curiosity and wonder. Even Toronto seems brand new to me from season to season with all the activities,events and scenes rolling through every year.

Cultural practices,musical sounds and places with rich nightlife are probably one of the first places I’d prefer to visit!

the SHINE prjct is where passion meets inspiration. I strongly believe that when passion dissipates,the task gets hard.Travel boosts that passion.ALWAYS.This blog serves as a creatively-biased space (in a good way) where if your drive and persistence are fading you can get a little more clarity,light,drive and a solid purpose.

Everyone has a gift and sometimes distractions are thrown at you to shake your will to continue using/discovering that skill. No matter what- when you visit here you get the pep-talk,the boost and the inspiration by seeing how others are driven. (Just like travel,right?)

I look through the lens of what I enjoy the most. If someone is doing shit for the purpose of growth I look at it. It’s inspiring to me.This is what the SHINE prjct stands for. Celebrate it. Show other people around the world what it is. Especially from this city! (Toronto)

Have you ever watched someone do their thing and ask HOW’d they do that? Why do they DO that? Why is that city or country like that?  It’s their gift. This is how it is. No questions about how-just be inspired.

You’ll notice my writing goes in a little more (that’s the transformation talking) and any writer has to be able to do that at some point. Some of the same stuff I’ve written about before will always be main staples so expect MORE interviews-i love that shit!

You’ll see more travel,international/local movers and shakers,Health & Wellness (more than just products),music-related stuff,podcasts it’s all coming!

To all those who’ve always openly supported my blogging thank you and WELCOME. To all those who didn’t know-now you know! This blog isn’t for everyone and IT’S OKAY!It’s great to blog-it’s even better to love what you do! Check in every now and then!

As always,

SHINE (let’s go!)

1 thought on “This shine prjct is from Toronto”

  1. Hey Im SammyRock founder and C.E.O of Cyberjamz Radio and Records. I’m looking for pictures of Princess Tam Tam (Carmen Mitchell) cause she was my first artist on my label and I’m about to do a set of remixes dedicated to her.. may She R.I.P and I miss her soooooooooooooo much. She did an interview with me some years ago and I see that divadelights is no more 😦 so please if you have any pictures of her send them to thank you

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