ABOUT the shine prjct

Last year (2016) was a deeply TRANSFORMATIVE. (I’m sure it was for many.) The path to this transformation took me some years. The amount of stuff a soul has to endure is incredible. I’m excited to have seen the worst of it and have moved forward within. The SHINE project is actually a redesigned version of the old blog. Believe it or not-I started this blog during PR Writing class back in 2008 because I was a little bored (sorry Prof. Kalene Morgan)

I was so used to writing scholarly University essays during my Undergrad studies and later on for Masters Thesis studies. I dropped it cuz it wasn’t for me. I needed to match my writing to who I was. Blogging did that for me.the SHINE project’s newish moniker ‘Many layers all on blog format’ showcase the many parts of myself that have grown and matured. Those closest to me know that my strongest mode of communication has always been my writing. I’ve always considered writing a hobby and last year it dawned on my that it wasn’t.

Writing is powerful and can be a catalyst for healing and at the same time a dying medium because of technology. It’s a ‘project’ because I’ve been tweaking and changing things to see what works, what’s wildly successful and what needs to go!
I’m very proud of tackling many deep-rooted obstacles and coming more into my own. Most importantly I’ve carefully selected what I truly enjoy and don’t care for-in life and with my writing.

the SHINE project is where passion meets inspiration. I strongly believe that when passion dissipates, the task gets hard. This blog serves as a creatively-biased space (in a good way) where if your drive and persistence are fading you can get a little more clarity,light and great background stories.Staying inspired is critical because there won’t always be people to support what you do.

Everyone has a gift and sometimes distractions are thrown at you to shake your will to continue using/discovering that skill. No matter what-when you visit here you get the pep-talk, the boost, the inspiration by seeing how others are driven. It’s not about copying, stealing ideas or picking and choosing who’s better. I look through the lens of what I enjoy the most. If someone is doing shit for the purpose of growth I look at it. It’s inspiring to me.This is what theSHINEprjct stands for. Celebrate it. Show other people around the world what it is. Have you ever watched someone do their thing and ask HOW’d they do that? Why do they DO that? It’s their gift. No questions about how-just get inspired.

You’ll notice my writing goes in a little more and any writer has to be able to do that at some point. Some of the same stuff I’ve written about before will always be main staples so expect MORE interviews-i love that shit! You’ll see more travel, international/local movers and shakers, Health & Wellness (more than just products), music-related stuff, podcasts it’s all coming!

To all those who’ve always openly supported my blogging thank you and WELCOME. To all those who didn’t know-now you know! This blog isn’t for everyone and IT’S OKAY! If you don’t like it visit somewhere else! It’s great to blog-it’s even better to love what you do! Check in every now and then!

As always,
SHINE-let’s go!

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