Writing Assignments!

I’ve been working on the Ruder Finn Executive Program package over the last few weeks. They ask for three writing assignments. I finished the first one. I had an awesome friend look it over and give me some criticisms. I’m on assignment two now. I like the application process they have set up. It’s very challenging but interesting. I’m going to start packing tomorrow. I know when Toronto’s breezy then it means New York is piping hot; I’ll be packing some summer dresses. I have a meeting with Brooklyn Lutheran Hospital. I’m not sure when but I’ll have to email to arrange a date and time. I’m also looking into a possible tour of the tenement museum. I’m intrigued by the depression era homes and living conditions. I’ll look it up online. I’m pretty excited for my friend’s promise to re-vamp the look of this blog….I want it to have a little more edge just like me 🙂

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