Harlem World

I arrived yesterday at LaGuardia. You know it took me forever to understand that LaGuardia doesn’t sound the way it spells out?! LOL. I would say it like security “guard” and ppl would look at me or better correct my speech as if I was really dumb! Now I know and when I hear it I smile because I’ve arrived to my favourite city in the whole world!!! I debated abt taking a cab or the bus…the thing is I don;t mind taking the bus from the airport. It’s just that I had my laptop, suitcase and an extra bag…..NB to self: I should’ve purchased the Heys hardcase leopard print suitcase I saw at the Bay. It caught my eye and I kept going back and forth about it. I’ll get it! So I took the M60 bus from the airport into Harlem. It was a straight ride and then the M2 connecting bus. I’m not too familiar with Harlem because I’ve always stayed in Manhattan and Brooklyn so this is quite an experience. I’m hoping to go to the Apollo’s amateur night next Wednesday. I received a  to meet with one of my LinkedIn connections for a brief informational session. I’m making sure to follow-up with them even if they aren’t official interviews. All of my contacts are important. I’m grateful for them even responding to me!! LinkedIn is an excellent networking tool. If only it can land me an internship now…….till tomorrow!

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