I passed!

I signed up to do an accelerated bartending course at TIB (www.torontobartending.com). It’s a great way to learn more informatiom about the history of bubbly.The instructors were great and the curriculum was logical. Students are taught measurements,recipes and pouring techniques. I’ll be taking a cocktail mixing workshop soon to be completely job-ready.ย I met alot of cool people in the class! You may have noticed in my previous post that I posted some very attractive drink photos…..those were some that I made and some we were forced to drink. (lol) You may be asking yourselves why I’ve taken a keen interest in alcohol and bartending? It’s part of the plan to be prepared to take on service industry jobs until a viable PR industry one comes along. I love meeting people and it’s a great way to network. Sooooo…….. If you’re out in the “Big Apple” or “The Big Smoke”, I may possibly be the lady fixin’ you a Martini at a hip lounge/bar in your neighbourhood ๐Ÿ˜€

P.S. I passed the bartending test! Phew….

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