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Missed…but never forgotten + 2004 Mix (Princess Tam Tam)

About two weeks ago….I received a shocking phone call from a close friend in Chicago. I never thought I’d be hearing information like this EVER. Like the family of a fallen soldier who informed about the death of a loved one….I was told to sit down and asked if I heard from Carmen or spoke to Carmen. Carmen was attending Berkeley and completing her PhD studies….Carmen had been accepted to Berkeley while we were all working in Japan. She was working hard to eventually become a professor. She had taught me the ins and outs of DJ’ing. She’s still teaching me things now in her absence. (Go for whatever you want…she tells me) She had presented her thesis/dissertation to me a few years back.

During the research phase, she visited the Netherlands and Germany exploring various subcultures to expand her studies, she lived in New York for many years, she collected tons of records. She had dreamed of demonstrating  that a woman of visibility could become a “shero” without being an athlete or a songstress. I admired her that much. She’s the big sister I never had. Carmen battled with herself; I found out a few days ago. This- I didn’t know. She wore many hats and along with those hats came pressure?, stress?, confusion?…I’ll never know how she felt. Mental illness is serious now I know and unfortunately not everyone has the support system they need to get them through this. I cried. My friends and I all cried. We are saddened.  I’m heartbroken. There is a void now. One of  US  hasn’t made it (with life).  I’ve always thought about her. I still do. Now I pray for her soul and hope that she is here with me every step I take for the rest of my life. RIP Carmen “Princess Tam Tam” Mitchell  Here’s one of her many mixes I found a few weeks ago! Check it out! >>>2004 Mix DJ Princess Tam Tam


Carmen Headphones

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