Happy New Year: First official week of the year! Resolutions or Bucket List?

My first post of the year! Pretty exciting. I’ve wanted 2010 to end since June!  With every New Year there is often a sense of optimism that comes with a chance at a fresh start or new beginning. I don’t actually see January 1st as the new year; I see my birthday as my own personal New Year. (My birthday is in January)

Here are few mantras I think people should try their best and hardest to hang on to all year round.

  • Keep the positivity going – Whether it means you’ve got to focus on something you love to bring the positive side of yourself out or at least introspectively look at all you have to remember how lucky you are. Simply stated: Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life!
  • Consistency – If you want that gym membership at the top of the year to take care of your health, keep going….don’t stop because Thanksgiving and Christmas are over 🙂
  • Challenge Yourself – Don’t use what others are doing to measure your progress; challenge yourself with goals and expectations that you have set on your own (make them small, attainable and realistic)
  • Don’t give up – No matter how big or small an occurrence, goal, mistake, failure or setback is you’ve got to push. Everyone’s got more gumption than they think they have.
  • Don’t forget to Eat,Pray,Love – same  idea as the book/ movie….maybe they’re a little skewed but you know 🙂
  • My favourite piece of advice – Keep positive people around who bring out the best in you: If they understand you (your life situation), support you (and your choices) and overall friends who are your life’s biggest cheerleaders, if you really have all that, I believe that’s all you need.

Enjoy the ride!


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