My Heart Goes Out To Japan…..

The day I saw the Twitter feeds tweeting back-to-back about the Earthquake I froze. The country I called home for close to three years had suffered one of the biggest natural disasters of our time. My heart sank and I immediately thought of all the good times I had shared with  many friends there. I thought of my co-workers who had now moved on to other jobs and other stages in their lives and where they all were within the country. It made me realize that I was incredibly lucky to be alive! All those times I had felt small but harmless earthquakes while I WAS living there could’ve been some really close calls.

I immediately started skyping and dialing to make sure my friends-my Japanese family were all okay. One scare after the other….then the Tsunami warning….and now the nuclear reactors! I was immediately stunned at the rapid rate of  information. It took me awhile to even know what I wanted to say in this blog entry. My heart goes out to the people in Sendai.

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