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What if There Were No More Art Galleries?

Social media has changed the way we communicate.  Next month we’ll see social media’s influence on the buzz it’s created for 6×6. 

The 6×6 Art Festival removes the formal art gallery middlemen and empowers the artist.

What is 6×6? According to Baang & Burne founders Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso they are calling it “The Art Version of A Music Festival”.  Starting September 8th 2011, there will be six week-long art exhibitions where artists and art buyers learn and build skills interacting with one another and avid art lovers.

Hands-on workshops and tutorials will create experienced participants in the art of self promotion week by week. I love their idea. I think you’ll really like it as well. So much that I think you should support 6×6.

They’ve created a account to raise funds to make this celebration of art project possible. You can read a little more about them here:

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