What’s Wrong With Your Face? – Her Words, Not Mine

I decided I would start exploring other make up brands to find the perfect matchingshade. The problem has nothing to do with finding the right shade. It’s finding the right shade at an affordable cost for cream or liquid foundation that I can wear everyday.

In Toronto, a good quality foundation can run anywhere from $21-$37 cdn! $$$$ A few weeks ago, I visited a Target in Buffalo, New York searching for a cheaper OTHliquid foundation that I can use everyday, matches my skin tone and of coursemust be something I can purchase at a drugstore price! I found Covergirl Natureluxe inshade Brazilnut 370 which matched me perfectly and happened to be the last shade on their colour chart and I found Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation in Coconut 355; which could probably work as a highlighter for my eyes……I tried both over the last few weeks instead of my Iman/Body Shop combo. What I found out was interesting. Maybelline’s formula was a very lightweight formula whichwas nice but literally felt like water. It also looked like it was separate from my skin.

It seemed to highlight dry patches caused by increased sun exposure and deep cleansing products. It also took on a slightly chalky appearance. The Covergirl foundation was a near hit until an hour after wearing it. It had a warmer tint which I really liked. My skin tends to get a reddish-orange tint in the Summer and it matched this perfectly…….A customer I see regularly saw my face and asked me what was wrong with it….? She told me my face looked “wet”. I found a mirror and saw with my own eyes that it looked drenched with something. Oil? Water? Sweat? (I don’t sweat like that during an intense work out! (lol)

Looked up the ingredient listing and found it’s main ingredient is jojoba oil! Great for winter maybe? Great forEXREMELY DRY SKIN? Both foundations were about $6-$8 a pop. Not a bad price. Perhaps not comparable to Iman’s coverstick luminous texture but a nice attempt by both brands at incorporating deeper skin tones at the drugstore cost.

The brand I’ve used for over 10 years has always been Iman. I use her cover stick in Earth 2 in Fall/Winter and Earth 3 in Summer. I generally follow it up with a light dusting of mineral bronzer from the body shop or a bronzer by Iman. I find that The Body Shop’s mineral bronzer is lighter in texture and easier to apply. Overall: I’d give the brands a C+ for their effort in matching a darker complexion; but I guess I can’t ask for much more from a brand sold at drugstores can I?

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