The shine 2011 redux

I haven’t blogged in so long. My intention was to continue throughout the year with no gaps and spaces in between. Blogging gets tedious. Blogging can also be boring if you run out of things to say and how to say it. I planned on blogging on Dec 30. 2011 – but how can one blog with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays?

I looked back a few months to see all that has happened since September and decided that an ‘Everything In Between’ Redux is the way to go….

I looked back at photos I took since Sept 2011 and thought that it would make an excellent post. So here goes……

September 2011 – I went to Jamaica (Negril) with my bestie Lindz! We had a fab time at the beautiful resort Breezes resort. I didn’t think a vacation was in the cards for me but she made it happen! Check out some of the photos!


A fun read!

October 2011 – Aids Walk on behalf of The Body Shop- It was an inspiring day! To take some time and  remember how the disease has affected many lives. It felt great to donate some money and walk with other supporters.

October 2011 – Worldvision Fundraiser Mediaroom & fashion show (Africa Comes Alive) @ Maro’s. I worked as a mediaroom assistant. This was a fabulous event at an amazing location for a great cause!  The event’s purpose was to create awareness about the charitable work that Worldvision has done for many around the world. Many members of Toronto’s notables hit the red carpet.

Live Entertainment at Worldvsion fundraiser

November 2011 – Cake Opera first interview and installment for Women & Entrepreneurship. I started writing up my first interview installment for a segment on Women & Entrepreneurship with business owner Alexandria Pellegrino of Cake Opera. This is important as I’m taking business pointers for myself!!!


December 2011 – I had been working on promotion and grant proposal info for a young Russian theatre company; NSK Theatre- A very talented young group of theatre arts professionals who performed their first adaptation of Anton Chekkov’s The Bear At The Jubilee! All I can say to them is a job well done!! The performance was VERY good and also in Russian. They’ll be doing the play again this year…in English! I look forward to working with NSK!!!

Bravo! Encore!

This month there are big changes. In my quest to build a strong PR career I plan on leaving my current retail managerial duties and taking a part-time position within the same organization to spend more time freelancing, networking and doing PR contract work. For those interested you can find me on LinkedIn!!  For those who are visiting this blog, look out for a new business website possibly attached to this blog; Heck, follow this blog!  I’ll be blogging and teaming up with other experts to work on varied projects and excitedly look forward to branching out into other avenues. Good Luck & Happy New Year!


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