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Chakras to Shock Ya…..!

Owner, Crystal Visions- Crystal Stokes
Owner, Crystal Visions- Crystal Stokes

What IF someone could tell you about your future…..or read you tarot cards that could give you advice about ‘what to do’? What if someone could ‘cast a spell’?In modern society all these remedies, answers and problem-solvers may seem like a quick solution……but truly understanding your self through study of the body/mind/spiritual soul connection is priceless! Navigating those parts of yourself with an awesome ‘Life Coach‘ who can show you how….is ideal-if you want….

Crystal Stokes owner and healer of Crystal Visions in (Kensington Market) has a very different concept of what ‘holistic’ means….I was introduced to Ms.Stokes a few years ago and I previously had a huge understanding of ‘holistic health‘. She showed me all types of things about holistic health that bolstered the nutritional concepts with the spiritual practices. What Stokes does is combine all disciplines together to offer multi dimensional services so it’s not a basic pay-for-service ‘tarot card reading’ experience.

How does she do it? Everything is connected right? In the physical and spiritual realm too? Holistic Practitioner and Psychic Crystal Stokes can show you all of that.

She uses readings and texts i.e.(The Artist’s Way-Julia Cameron, The Four AgreementsDon Miguel Ruiz, The Secret- Rhonda Byrne, Good, Better, Blessed-Joel Osten) that have very specific concepts to zero in on what one needs to learn. For faith-based clients she recommends holy texts(Bible, Koran, Torah) containing lessons and knowledge to widen one’s focus…..If there isn’t an underlying ‘faith’ she chooses what is best fit for the situation…something to assist your meditation. She teaches you to meditate. To focus on the issue/s or energy at hand and see beyond the surface.

When we hear the term holistic-we think of green tea, yoga,meditation wheatgrass juice and maybe-cleansing? For people not readily inclined to understand or follow these personal pursuits; it may seem confusing or redundant but she’s not there to force ideas-she’s showing you what you need to see.

Crystal is a psychic healer. Seven generations in. She began reading cards at 10 yrs old and would help people with real life problems at an early age. She says ‘at a young age, I wouldn’t really react about a death in the family the way most family members did-I already somehow understood where people were when they passed-it took until my late teens to understand how the spiritual part of things worked’.

As a teenager she started studying meditation, yoga, holistic healing, auras (chakras), colour therapy, aromatherapy and nutrition where she brought the mind and body connection together. When I first walked in there a few years ago I was a little weary….I pictured something out of Harry Potter with bats, owls and magic wands…it was so far from that! What you will find is a peaceful space (and Enya playing in the background) with precious stones, incense, essential oil, posters of chakras and various figures and photos of symbols from religions all over the world! About religious belief she says ‘I was raised Christian only to find out that even though I studied the Bible for personal clarity-I started reading everything to help all kinds of people to understand what I wanted them to learn-we are all the same….we are HUMAN’.

In the lounge

She encounters all types of issues on a regular basis:

  • The inability to identify character (friendship, relationships,business, life)
  • Stagnancy (environmental or in daily life) (lack of motivation, procrastination)
  • The search for your life’s (self) purpose
  • Difficulties achieving goals, students (Fear of failure)
  • Habits – Breaking those habits (Anything)
  • Achieving a peace of mind (busy people, career people)

And of course the most popular topics involve matters of the heart! She’ll talk to you about ANYTHING! I asked her why she felt it necessary to help people this way…she says ‘In my great grandmother’s day women were often persecuted for what they knew about the spiritual world and how to help people…..there weren’t doctors to fix things the way we do today-in the modern world you can’t always give a pill to fix something to change with one’s mind….sometimes clarity is achieved through study and understanding of the body, mind and soul, this is what I’m here for’. If you dare, go check her out!


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