Happy new year to you…..nahh mostly me! Just kidding!


I always take my birthday (it is my birthday today)as a time to re-set personal goals and look back at what I’ve accomplished. I like to prepare for the next stage….starting this blog about 5-6 years ago; was one of the things I laid out on my list to start and finish diligently every week….and it never

Last year I gave myself a short timeline of how, when and what I was going to focus on. I think the timing was right. It was perfect!! Readers like you, stop by DAILY, share my ideas and writing MONTHLY and actually search and browse the material I’ve showcased here on the World Wide Web! I’m impressed. The House Music community has shown their support by reading and I’m glad to say that portion of this blog remains intact forever!

For the start of 2014 I’ll be experimenting with different topics that interest me and hopefully gather other audiences that like my ideas and writing. You will see article series (in no particular order) on:

Holistic Health (Ayurveda)
Entrepreneurship (I’ve come across some pretty amazing people)
Arts (possible)
Beauty (products, trends, brands,ambassadors)
Fashion (local)
Culinary (everyone likes food right?)
Social Media (MO)
Travel (if I do any of that this year)
Music (as always)

Please spread the word. If you’d like to collaborate on anything within the realm of any of these topics-I’m game…..

Don’t be afraid to drop a line on here it’s live! (I check) 🙂

And remember it’s my job to see your product, business,brand and ideas,

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