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The Mother of All Wedding Dress Sales: The Dress Shop Goes To A Dress Sale

Awesome sale! Great way to have alterations done!


I took the The Dress Shop on the road last week! I spent a few days at Prassagta’s Wedding Dress Sale. I wanted to gain a little more experience working with bridal wear as my sole exposure was a course in school and custom special occasion dresses through The Dress Shop last summer!

On the first day of the show I was asked to come in and work alongside the owners. I jumped at the opportunity and found myself consulting with brides for the next 3 days!!!! to be the very next day at the event.


I arrived armed with my business cards and sewing tools ready to work! As the brides came in, sales associates clipped gowns at to show the bride what the dress would look like if it was customized to them. This is where I came in to speak with each enthusiastic bride-to-be. I gave them…

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