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Slakah the Beatchild – Soul Movement 2 – Album Review (Canadian Release)


Soul Movement 2

He’ll be dropping the gems right here. Yes, in Toronto. Live and direct. An underground staple and a conversation piece by artists all over. The minute you say Slakah you see or hear the acknowledgment (head nods) in people’s voices and on their faces.

I sat down to listen to Soul Movement 2 the other night which ‘started as a one-time project became a journey of experiences, wisdom with liquid funk and soul’. From what I gather there is a clear understanding of sounds and music from eras past and current. This album is ridiculous. Lovers of the groove of music this is for you!

Slakah’s voice almost begs ‘I know you wish that you could be here but I dont’ know if you keep up’ to listen to the tunes one by one. Carefully selected collaborations from some of Canada’s wordsmiths and vocalists (Glenn Lewis, Spek Won, Ian Kamau) with song Misscommunication CLEARLY demonstrates that Canada’s got talent!

I hit up a friend at Pandora a free, personalized radio company that plays unlimited music genres similar to Sirius Satellite Radio and he reported that SM2 tracks were being reviewed for final track selection. This is what he had to say:

 ‘He’s definitely a producer at heart… what I can sense is that  he has a knack for lyrics too….and his music ‘feels like a mix of Dwele and Craig David’s voice, QuestLove’s drumming, Ryan Leslie and a little bit of 9th Wonder on the productions…smooth Jazzy grooves with a soulful voice on the vibe’.

Slakah makes a soulful impact.People looking for that soul revival? You get it right here. Canada’s always had talent! It’s been hiding at clubs, in productions studios, DJ Booths and performing in other countries. This sexy Soul Movement 2 is a staple, underground masterpiece. Slakah’s got the formula! This is a mashup of soulful music from all eras: 50s, 60s,70s,80s and right now’s soulful dance sound! I can’t wait to hear what he’ll put out in the future!

Slakah will be laying down a live set on April 10 at the Drake Underground. With an album this dope you will not want to miss this live show! Tickets can be purchased at the door for $25, Eventbrite, Play De Record and Madhus Cafe for $20!

Tracks to check out: Keep Up feat. Ayah, Miscommunication feat.Spek Won and Ian Kamau, #Adventurefor2 (SUMMER JAM), Number 1 feat. Glenn Lewis, Something About Her. I head nodded my way through my entire private listening session. I get it now……Why everyone nods at the mention of Slakah. lol

*He’ll be at Drake Underground April 10th, 2014….I’ll be there-are you gonna be there?


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