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Genius of Spirit – 2nd Book Launch – All About Dreams – You’re Invited!

 Book CoverI decided to post about this exciting occasion as it is packed with memories from my past. I ran into one of my high school teachers about a year and half ago while at work. I haven’t seen her since Grade 13! (a long time ago) She looked exactly like I remembered.

We chatted about what has happened since then and I talked about my travels and my life experiences and she had filled me with what had happened after she completed her Ph.d. She was one of my favourite teachers because her class taught me a little more than what I needed to get into university.

She introduced me to a metaphysical world beyond religion, politics and life expectations. She was doing her Ph.d in the study of dreams and dream interpretation at the time. We had to start a journal in September and taught how to remember our dreams and record what happened in them.-Some pretty powerful stuff. So let’s fast forward to right now; she’s written two books one of which is a follow up to the book written back then and based off of some of her findings with the journals that she kept from my graduating class!

I love showcasing what people do and accomplishments they’ve made at shine! Marina Quattrochi is having a second launch event of her book Genius of Spirit at 45 Winnipeg Road, Monday July 7th from 7 pm until 9 pm. Please feel free to drop by for five minutes or stay to relax in the garden. There will be tables, chairs, and canopies set up, music and refreshments. Parking is available on both sides of Winnipeg Road. If you’d like a sneak preview of her book, available at the launch for $22 please go to; After July 7th, autographed copies of her book can be purchased by contacting her to set up an appointment.

She’s also started doing a free online Twitter course on my previous book Dreamwork Uncovered. She’steaching the entire book over the next several months. Short sweet tweets that convey important information about living life wisely and well and understanding the messages contained in dreams.

She’s posting some of her photos, and information in the media that she feels is worth reading.
If you know anyone who is interested in dreams—please feel free to let them know. Her twitter address is:

If you happen to be reading this at night-like right NOW….see if you can challenge yourself to remember your dreams when you wake up! Write it down. It all starts now! 🙂


Happy Canada Day!



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