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House Music Series – Toronto LOCAL – Shonuff – Dj Corey Dawkins – Installment 5 – He’s Versatile and Open Minded!

Corey Dawkins

“Even myself as a DJ, I believe I’m good at it, I listen to new music constantly and try to keep an open mind”-DJ Corey Dawkins

As I sat down to type this blog post I decided to throw on some tunes to inspire my writing. I’m listening to his March 2015 Deep House Session.It’s exactly the type of music he described during this interview. Dawkins had a lot to say about the music here in Toronto. We talked about his musical tastes, his versatility and his musical strengths. I’ve never heard anyone describe themselves as a ‘musicman’ instead of a DJ. What’s a musicman?

Musicman Definition:Urban Dictionary
A person who can arrange private concerts in their homes.<<<<Sounds like a curator of great podcasts!

(Shonuff) front man Corey Dawkins has been around for many years and duly recognized by the nightclub and House circuit. His versatility has awarded him a place alongside other heavy hitters. He’s a standalone and team play kinda DJ. He can also successfully mash up a multiple genre set.If  you’re not about House you’ll be moved in a GOOD way!

He explains that Nathan, stage and sound engineer at Toronto club 3030 “visited and checked the song listings from one of my mixes-he took a night to listen to all my stuff”.This is what spurred Open Mind (3030 Dundas St.W). He doesn’t play the House as “dEeP” as he’d like to there BUT the whole theme for that is a musically mixed vibe. A crowd that isn’t used to one particular sound needs a DJ that’s responsible to make them move. On that night, he plays everything from Soca,Dancehall,Afro House-Remixes & More! Dancers,music lovers and music people all understand that rockin’ the dance-floor is some serious business!

Let me just say that this is my favourite part of most interviews because I get to see DJs back track to the moment they knew what it was they loved about music and start exploring!

From Calgary to T.O….Dawkins arrived to Toronto via Calgary from (Western Canada to South Central Canada!)…I asked what it was like there-growing up and venturing into music out there he says- “I’ve always been into music-I was in the church choir,I started making mix tapes in High school….I stopped Church at 18…people enjoyed the music I put together…I decided that I had what I needed to do this thing…the music scene never materialized in Calgary as much as I wanted it, so I came to Toronto”.

Before Podcasts he’d been recording mixes and in 1998 he started spinning at IV Lounge (oh shit,I used to go there lol!) and continued there for about 4 years as well as many other club residencies.

What’s Your Favourite Musical Style Corey?

The drummy stuff=South African House“Afro House with a powerful “Rootsy” production, RnB, Island,Tech,Dark Stuff. Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Boddhi Satva, Black Motion, Djeff Afrozila, Jose Marquez, DJ Malvado, Ralf Gum and Pascal Moraes so many more listed….

Changing With The Times “I’ve gone from being a DJ/Promoter to doing it all now….I’ve got to get the word out, secure the venue…it’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t have the same kind of time or energy that I used to have…Facebook has changed the game”.

Toronto – The House Scene“Toronto’s House music people are some serious late-comers…and a tough crowd to reach”

To Produce Or Not To Produce “I’ve dabbled into a bit of production and frankly, I can’t be locked into a studio….it takes a certain breed of person”. (Insert props to all DJ/Producer friends here.)

Advice & Humble Pie “Learn more be a sponge,stay humble…it’s a very important thing to have…listen more, talk less”.

What’s Up For Shonuff? “My dream is to travel and just do this…..I’d like to disappear for a few weeks and go to Amsterdam or South is the biggest thing for me..I’d like to be enriched and inspired….travelling changes you-you become a better person” <<<You know what? I think he’ll take Shonuff on the road too!

Where can we catch Dj Corey Dawkins making magic?Open Mind @3030 Dundas St.WRUUTED w/Vinny Gruvhunter,Libertine Saturday nights @1307 Dundas St. W, POWDA events w/Joonya T & Tyrone Solomon

Shonuff Doggie

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