We’re in 2022 (a replay and unveiling)

For any of you who remembers taking elementary and/or high school history classes, did you ever really feel that what you were being taught was 100% true? Did you ever think that the way it was told was much nicer than the way it really happened? It’s just a thought. We are now inching into what is almost the 3rd year of ‘this’ and it has me wondering how much more change we need globally before we can actually see progress.

What kind of progress am I referring to? The kind of movement where we shed old ways of viewing ourselves and others as well as the institutions and practices we’ve come to accept. I’m really looking at the kind of shift that drops bigotry, pretense, racism, hatred and classism. The kind of shift that gets us up to speed with what will make life easier not harder and the kind of change that ends the repetitive loop of times that have since passed.

One of the commitments I’d made in 2019-2020 was that I, in my own way, contribute to changing society’s narrative. I vowed also that I’d lift my own voice in spaces where for sure, I’d be standing alone and speak on how things should actually look. With any of the projects I work on; I’ll ensure that my style, flavour and voice is IN it and I remind myself that it does make a HUGE difference. I do think about younger Black women and men and younger people of colour and I’d love to create a space where they feel safe and empowered by what they see once they’ve arrived at whatever destination they choose.

When I refer to the replay, I’m seeing that in many nations, towns, cities- everyone seems resistant to change (and almost repeating what happened in the past.) I believe that we as people can make US better. This is an unpopular opinion, I know; but every time we are pushed back into lockdown or some sort of restriction, many have come into some deeper awareness about what’s actually wrong. Don’t look at lockdown as punishment or a removal of freedoms (it has 2 sides; look at it as more of a refinement of self (or as a collective) until we get society right. I don’t just mean the regular citizens but EVERYONE.

What’s this unveiling I’m referring to? I’m looking at the level of expression in music. The unlikely collaborations between artists and genres. The messaging is more powerful and cleaning itself up. The unannounced free livestreams from artists we would never see live in lieu of shelling out a $30 minimum in Toronto. You know me, I’ve always circled back to music in discussion. I can’t help it. From month to month over the last 2 years-arts especially, (music and culture) saved the day. DJs, vocalists, producers-pretty much the whole industry (dancers too,) delivered all types of good spirited entertainment. I’m talking about the impromptu to all the polished material.

We received all types of inspiration to keep the fire going and I’m proud for them (artists). Watching live performances and sets from some of my favourites around the world, still amazes me. This has renewed MY passion for the music once again. For those into DJ culture, you’ll know just what I’m talking about. Artists who rarely get flowers are getting them now and it’s a beautiful thing. We’ve encountered some of the most prolific works ever made (in 2020 and 2021.) So yeah-stay up, stay grounded, stay healthy, drink your water, mind your business. Lastly, keep motivated!


shine herself 🙂

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  1. Hey Im SammyRock founder and C.E.O of Cyberjamz Radio and Records. I’m looking for pictures of Princess Tam Tam (Carmen Mitchell) cause she was my first artist on my label and I’m about to do a set of remixes dedicated to her.. may She R.I.P and I miss her soooooooooooooo much. She did an interview with me some years ago and I see that divadelights is no more 😦 so please if you have any pictures of her send them to sammyrock@mail.com thank you

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