the next decade…..what does it look like?

Yo, i never imagined what 2020 would look like 10 years ago…..OH MY GAWD……..we’re now HERE-what exactly does it look like with the changing times and new methods of communication? Are blogs still relevant? Some may say no. Blogs will always have space provided that the audience enjoys reading it. Will the conversations change over here at theshineprjct? Maybe slightly……

This year’s theme: Progression, Motivation and Roots (thanks to the collaboration with Ralf Gum last year!) Even though I intend to build out the blog to other places and larger ideas-it’s pushing myself to see more and do more. After plenty of reflection and rest, I’ve got so many topics to write about;more travel,more newness and just MORE for those who like (to read.)

What will the topics sound like now that I’m at a new stage in my life?(Forty2) I think I’ll be having tons more fun with it! I’ll be focusing on more serious subjects especially health and well being.

I’ve learned so much the last ten years and took a few new directions more than what I thought I could do over the last few years. I had definitely become more fearful than what I used to be and I promise myself to be more adventurous and throw caution to the wind (like I used to) I really want to work on that.

With so many situations affecting humanity on a worldwide level, I look to introduce more gratitude,more appreciation,more hope,hard work,laissez-faire focus and sexiness into everything I do…..I think it’s doable right? It always looks impossible until it’s done 🙂 New chapter,new book *sigh (actually a huge exhale.)

It’s 2020 LET’s GO!

shine herself 🙂

1 thought on “the next decade…..what does it look like?”

  1. Hey Im SammyRock founder and C.E.O of Cyberjamz Radio and Records. I’m looking for pictures of Princess Tam Tam (Carmen Mitchell) cause she was my first artist on my label and I’m about to do a set of remixes dedicated to her.. may She R.I.P and I miss her soooooooooooooo much. She did an interview with me some years ago and I see that divadelights is no more 😦 so please if you have any pictures of her send them to thank you

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