This IS Toronto

This year’s theme is preservation through documentation…..what will you leave behind? What do you tell people in the future about things that are relevant now? How does one describe and talk about things that are relevant at one point in time or place through experience? Is it important? Absolutely it is!

One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is finding the way you’d like to go with your writing and the topics of personal interest (whether they remain the same,if they evolve and where I’d like to go with my ideas. With online platforms (IG/Snapchat) dominating the way messaging touches the public you don’t have to stop doing things the way you do-you just go deeper with ideas and reach people who enjoy the subjects.

I immediately think of a friend who always wanted to document experiences through her exposure to subcultures she knew for so long. One being in Berlin so many years ago where she wasn’t welcome. She studied how women of color fit into spaces/places where they didn’t have a voice or true presence. One thing about Carmen Mitchell was her gift to articulate those exact experiences from her point of view. By interacting with communities and sharing cultural experiences with the masses in a way that showed its beauty,relevance and powerful influence to mainstream culture.

I see all the work she was trying to gather over the years and the projects she never completed and how meaningful they would be today. The more people I meet, I see they all have their vision of the future what their experiences meant to them and what their work means for years to come. It really doesn’t matter if it’s music or health.

So what that means to me is that the documentation continues. Talking to people about more than their career,or their clout BUT the bigger picture. (ideas,creative process,childhood,dreams) So many are doing things we don’t know about. It’s a process of growth and success at the same time.

the SHINE prjct is where passion meets inspiration. I strongly believe that when passion dissipates,the task gets hard.Travel boosts that passion.ALWAYS.This blog serves as a creatively-biased space (in a good way) where if your drive and persistence are fading you can get a little more clarity,light,drive and a solid purpose.

Immerse yourself with music,people,written material that uplifts you. When you visit here you get the pep-talk,the boost and the inspiration by seeing how others are driven-in an inspired way.

Have you ever watched someone do their thing and ask HOW’d they do that? Why do they DO that? Why is that city or country like that? In this case Toronto. It’s great that we all have something to offer the world and do it in a way to help others. Sort of leading the way……in a positive direction.

Thanks to all those who visit regularly, super special thanks to those that have supported over the years by agreeing to interview and taking a genuine interest in the blog’s topics. It means so much! Can’t stop won’t stop in 2019!

SHINE (let’s go!)

1 thought on “This IS Toronto”

  1. Hey Im SammyRock founder and C.E.O of Cyberjamz Radio and Records. I’m looking for pictures of Princess Tam Tam (Carmen Mitchell) cause she was my first artist on my label and I’m about to do a set of remixes dedicated to her.. may She R.I.P and I miss her soooooooooooooo much. She did an interview with me some years ago and I see that divadelights is no more ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so please if you have any pictures of her send them to thank you

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