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10 Products I <3: The Body Shop – Cucumber Cleansing Milk

For the past 10 years I’ve been following the Ayurvedic way of life. I’ll get a little more into the topic of ┬áAyurveda later but I follow my eating, sleeping and┬áexercise habits a certain way.┬á Thanks to a book that I┬áwas introduced┬áto by a friend, ┬áI ‘ve lent and purchased copies of┬á Absolute Beauty by Pratima┬áRaichur on (I’m in need of a new copy now) ­čśÇ

Ayurveda has ways that the skin is┬átreated with natural ingredients while┬átackling some┬áspecific and difficult┬áskin issues. I don’t have as much time to mix herbs and oils like I did when I started years ago so I started looking for ingredients that are acceptable by Ayurvedic standards for my skin type and body constitution. I found a gem in The Body Shop‘s Cucumber Cleansing Milk.

2014 Update: The Body Shop has since discontinued this product.! In it’s place I started buying Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser. It’s got the same creamy consistency and still does an amazing job! It calms down overactive or sensitive skin!

The Body Shop has many products which I discovered that have oils used throughout the Ayurvedic skin care regime i.e.┬ásesame oil, brazil nut oil, almond oil, babassu oil. ┬áCucumber Cleansing Milk contains organic┬ácommunity trade soy oil from Brazil! Soy oil is a dry oil that can moisturize┬ádry and combination/oily skin effectively. Soy is a highly popular staple in┬áAsia (Japan) which is where I started using soy more frequently ­čśÇ ┬áSoy oil contains linoleic fatty acids that is easily absorbed into the skin and body to grow healthy cells. Soy oil is also anti-inflammatory.

I noticed after weeks of using the milk my occasional breakouts ceased and any facial cleanser that I used which would normally be irritating; completely stopped burning. Massaging the milk in the skin enables it to act as a barrier from harsh water, cleanser and environment.  The cucumber, soy and glycerin combination work well to help calm, soothe and tone most skin types including skin with rosacea and acne. The milk rinses clean so there is no need to worry about a greasy residue. Soy oil helps the skin combat the effects of free radicals and pollutants in the water and air.

There are so many things about the cleansing milk I can say but I’ll just get into how it is used┬áfor optimal results. In Ayurveda skin is massaged and treated before it is cleansed. Reactive or combination skin should be┬átreated with an initial “facial massage”. Dry skin types can use the oil/cream as the cleanser itself. Once the milk is applied┬áto the skin, make-up, dirt and sweat is massaged off .

The skin is rinsed a few times and if needed milk is re-applied a few times. No need to worry it’s not going to clog pores, you’ll be following with cleanser. You’ll notice a clearer, smoother, less irritated and balanced skin!

After you clean your skin,