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In the Land of Windmills and Dance Music: 11 Things a House Head Should do at #ADE2017

'Maybe issa Dutch thing-or perhaps it's 25 years in the making......'

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Honeycomb Music – Josh Milan :Two Time Grammy Nominated, One For The Team (January 2018)

'I'm a Grammy nominated guy,but mostly it feels good because I'm acknowledged by my peers' -Josh Milan (Honeycomb Music)

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Ralf Gum-GO GO Music-International-House Music Series-Creative Connection

Sometimes even understanding why they are in the industry helps a project along.....if creation is the actual reason.....Ralf Gum

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House Music Series –International- Summer 2017-Migosy-Offering Recordings – AfroHouse/Future Deep

It’s okay to be influenced by anything, but make sure you stay authentic and create your own sound. #migosymusic #Migosy #offeringrec @offeringrec #theSHINEprjct #afrotech #futuredeep #housenation #afrohouse @ivanskiDiaz @YvesSifa

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Return to Japan!

#10yearslater I remember being interviewed after applying for this teaching job and not knowing what to expect....they asked me where I wanted to work and I told them straight away Tokyo. They weren't sure that I'd like Tokyo because it was expensive and overcrowded. Okay. I knew I wanted to be some place where the… Continue reading Return to Japan!

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House Music Series-Local-Installment 8-Ticky Ty & Miz Megs Make an Awesome Team! (Toronto)

'You’re either a chick or you’re a commodity. Or you suck. You have to prove yourself past those barriers.'

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Travel Inspiration – Return to New York City

'I'm nostalgic because this is kinda the reason why the blog started..'