The shine 2011 redux

I haven’t blogged in so long. My intention was to continue throughout the year with no gaps and spaces in between. Blogging gets tedious. Blogging can also be boring if you run out of things to say and how to say it. I planned on blogging on Dec 30. 2011 – but how can one blog with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays?

I looked back a few months to see all that has happened since September and decided that an ‘Everything In Between’ Redux is the way to go

I looked back at photos I took since Sept 2011 and thought that it would make an excellent post. So here goes

September 2011 – I went to Jamaica (Negril) with my bestie Lindz! We had a fab time at the beautiful resort Breezes resort. I didn’t think a vacation was in the cards for me but she made it happen! Check out some of the photos!


A fun read!

October 2011 – Aids Walk on behalf of The Body Shop- It was an inspiring day! To take some time and  remember how the disease has affected many lives. It felt great to donate some money and walk with other supporters.

October 2011 – Worldvision Fundraiser Mediaroom & fashion show (Africa Comes Alive) @ Maro’s. I worked as a mediaroom assistant. This was a fabulous event at an amazing location for a great cause!  The event’s purpose was to create awareness about the charitable work that Worldvision has done for many around the world. Many members of Toronto’s notables hit the red carpet.

Live Entertainment at Worldvsion fundraiser

November 2011 – Cake Opera first interview and installment for Women & Entrepreneurship. I started writing up my first interview installment for a segment on Women & Entrepreneurship with business owner Alexandria Pellegrino of Cake Opera. This is important as I’m taking business pointers for myself!!!


December 2011 – I had been working on promotion and grant proposal info for a young Russian theatre company; NSK Theatre- A very talented young group of theatre arts professionals who performed their first adaptation of Anton Chekkov’s The Bear At The Jubilee! All I can say to them is a job well done!! The performance was VERY good and also in Russian. They’ll be doing the play again this year…in English! I look forward to working with NSK!!!

Bravo! Encore!

This month there are big changes. In my quest to build a strong PR career I plan on leaving my current retail managerial duties and taking a part-time position within the same organization to spend more time freelancing, networking and doing PR contract work. For those interested you can find me on LinkedIn!!  For those who are visiting this blog, look out for a new business website possibly attached to this blog; Heck, follow this blog!  I’ll be blogging and teaming up with other experts to work on varied projects and excitedly look forward to branching out into other avenues. Good Luck & Happy New Year!



Networking 101 – My tips

I attended my first networking event of the year about three weeks ago. I registered for the event and tried to clear up my schedule to accommodate the time slot. The evening didn’t go exactly as planned. After attending the event I realized it would make an interesting blog post for those aspiring to “network” regularly. Here are some items that I will take into consideration forever.

1. Have your box of business cards handy: We have all been reminded that a business card is essential for networking purposes and that without a business card you haven’t conducted “true” business. I make a habit of carrying business cards in my car, wallet and also in the sleeve of my agenda book. What happens when the number of stashes you’ve carried are finished? You end up screwed on the night of an event. For some of you a box of 500-1000 is too much to carry but for others you may hand out those things every time you meet a new contact. (That’s Me, that’s frequently) 

2. Clear your schedule. I’m a multi-tasker at heart but at times, travel time and distance can delay the list of things I try to accomplish. I worked my current day job in another part of the city until 5pm and thought that a 6:30pm start at the event gave me ample time to get changed and head downtown. IT WASN’T ENOUGH time!!! If job opportunities and connections are VERY important to you then clearing your schedule should be easy-breezy!

3. Know where to park. I would prefer to use “The Better Way” but had to drive! I arrived in the area and circled around a few times until I found a spot. What that means is more time away from where you’d like to be; at the networking event. Arriving early is fabulous but with such a busy day, parking can cause you to miss key attendees and the event altogether. 

4. Engage followers and friends online. Don’t be afraid to use social media tools to announce or call out where you’ll be if you plan on attending an event. I tried it and it’s an amazing tool! Thanks to Twitter and Foursquare I located a few people who were attending as well.  Shouting it out or posting on Twitter or Facebook functions as a pre-introduction before the introduction.

5. Talk to everyone. You never know who you’ll meet there. It’s a little daunting at first (for some) but once you’ve introduced yourself……the rest is history. Never underestimate who you’ll meet, what they do and how they can help. Me, personally, I take all business cards!!!! You can always pass it on!


My Heart Goes Out To Japan…..

The day I saw the Twitter feeds tweeting back-to-back about the Earthquake I froze. The country I called home for close to three years had suffered one of the biggest natural disasters of our time. My heart sank and I immediately thought of all the good times I had shared with  many friends there. I thought of my co-workers who had now moved on to other jobs and other stages in their lives and where they all were within the country. It made me realize that I was incredibly lucky to be alive! All those times I had felt small but harmless earthquakes while I WAS living there could’ve been some really close calls.

I immediately started skyping and dialing to make sure my friends-my Japanese family were all okay. One scare after the other….then the Tsunami warning….and now the nuclear reactors! I was immediately stunned at the rapid rate of  information. It took me awhile to even know what I wanted to say in this blog entry. My heart goes out to the people in Sendai.


Happy New Year: First official week of the year! Resolutions or Bucket List?

My first post of the year! Pretty exciting. I’ve wanted 2010 to end since June!  With every New Year there is often a sense of optimism that comes with a chance at a fresh start or new beginning. I don’t actually see January 1st as the new year; I see my birthday as my own personal New Year. (My birthday is in January)

Here are few mantras I think people should try their best and hardest to hang on to all year round.

  • Keep the positivity going – Whether it means you’ve got to focus on something you love to bring the positive side of yourself out or at least introspectively look at all you have to remember how lucky you are. Simply stated: Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life!
  • Consistency – If you want that gym membership at the top of the year to take care of your health, keep going….don’t stop because Thanksgiving and Christmas are over 🙂
  • Challenge Yourself – Don’t use what others are doing to measure your progress; challenge yourself with goals and expectations that you have set on your own (make them small, attainable and realistic)
  • Don’t give up – No matter how big or small an occurrence, goal, mistake, failure or setback is you’ve got to push. Everyone’s got more gumption than they think they have.
  • Don’t forget to Eat,Pray,Love – same  idea as the book/ movie….maybe they’re a little skewed but you know 🙂
  • My favourite piece of advice – Keep positive people around who bring out the best in you: If they understand you (your life situation), support you (and your choices) and overall friends who are your life’s biggest cheerleaders, if you really have all that, I believe that’s all you need.

Enjoy the ride!



Sparkles Holiday Charity Event – Girls Gone Glitz

This post might be a little late….but I think it’s worth sharing! A few weeks ago I attended a charity make up event to support Trillium Health Centre’s Diwali Fundraiser. The Diwali fundraiser’s goal is to raise to assist the health and wellness of seniors in the community. (Great initiative!) Vasanti make up artist Farah of ï»żï»żwww.facesbyfarah.com demonstrated some gorgeous holiday looks.ï»żï»żï»ż ï»żA small $20 donation got me a colour-matching foundation consultation! A $20 donation got me a colour matching foundation consultation and a classic red lip 😀 Holiday ideas were shared by some very interesting women who helped us prepare for the holidays by lending all kinds of fashion tips. Trischa Mischich owner of www.myfavouritedresses.com had a mini fashion show demonstrating some really sexy fashion forward “brand”  holiday dresses for RENTAL! Truly an amazing concept! Dresses by local designers Carlucci and Joeffer Coac were showcased (very impressive) and staple brand names were displayed. Ladies, you no longer need to buy that dress you’ll only wear once.

The event was held at Kavita Suri Spa in Toronto’s Yorkville…..a gorgeous space! Overall, I had a great time!

Lastly, what would holiday dressing be without beautiful accessories to complement the outfit. Sheema Khan of www.home.stellaanddot.com had some surprisingly affordable vermeil jewellery. I’m glad to say that I walked away with some ideas for this winter and I’m sharing them with you!

Yes, the holidays is all about food, family and friends but the Sparkles Holiday Charity Event reminded me not to forget about the fashion!

Happy Holidays!


Look what I got!!!

As I job hunt and attend info sessions….I’m a little anxious and slightly discouraged. My close friends notice this as summer passes me by……they say my voice is losing it’s energy. A little while ago I received the most exciting thing ever: A package from Japan!!!! Memories of Osaka washed over me as I try to read the Kanji and Katakana. I open the box and inside I see two eco lunch bento made of bamboo (gorgeous), some minty face wipes (I forgot about those) and stack of food items! I forgot to mention; my favourite protein creme-centre cookies (BalanceUP)! I had a blast looking at everything….I will not be able to get through all of the items any time soon but it brought a smile to my face!


What’s a “Beacon’s Closet?”

I went to an amazing consignment shop this past April. Shop location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Really amazing shop! It puts other second hand vintage shops elsewhere to shame. I walked in and saw multitudes of shoes, accessories, dresses, boots, jeans! I’m thinking that the amount of clothing and the clothing calibre is due to the the high fashionista population in NY. *lol I tried on a tartan silk cuffed shirt……couldn’t get to button up…lol. Picked up some unique fashion jewellery. I’ll be going back again!! Next trip! http://www.beaconscloset.com/ It’s located at 88 N 11th st 11211 m-f 11-9, s+s 11-8


I passed!

I signed up to do an accelerated bartending course at TIB (www.torontobartending.com). It’s a great way to learn more informatiom about the history of bubbly.The instructors were great and the curriculum was logical. Students are taught measurements,recipes and pouring techniques. I’ll be taking a cocktail mixing workshop soon to be completely job-ready. I met alot of cool people in the class! You may have noticed in my previous post that I posted some very attractive drink photos…..those were some that I made and some we were forced to drink. (lol) You may be asking yourselves why I’ve taken a keen interest in alcohol and bartending? It’s part of the plan to be prepared to take on service industry jobs until a viable PR industry one comes along. I love meeting people and it’s a great way to network. Sooooo…….. If you’re out in the “Big Apple” or “The Big Smoke”, I may possibly be the lady fixin’ you a Martini at a hip lounge/bar in your neighbourhood 😀

P.S. I passed the bartending test! Phew….


I’ve returned :(

I didn’t want to come home. This trip I spent at various museums. I went to Queens Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. Had four meetings lined up. They were all very informative. I now know what needs to be done. I must look into the visa to see if I can get a clear-cut offer. The 1-90o number provided on the us embassy website cannot be dialed on modem phones. I’ve been having a rough time trying to make this call. I’m going to have to figure something out. I sent my visa application in. We’ll see. I’m going to work towards this goal. I really want to live in NYC!


Harlem World

I arrived yesterday at LaGuardia. You know it took me forever to understand that LaGuardia doesn’t sound the way it spells out?! LOL. I would say it like security “guard” and ppl would look at me or better correct my speech as if I was really dumb! Now I know and when I hear it I smile because I’ve arrived to my favourite city in the whole world!!! I debated abt taking a cab or the bus…the thing is I don;t mind taking the bus from the airport. It’s just that I had my laptop, suitcase and an extra bag…..NB to self: I should’ve purchased the Heys hardcase leopard print suitcase I saw at the Bay. It caught my eye and I kept going back and forth about it. I’ll get it! So I took the M60 bus from the airport into Harlem. It was a straight ride and then the M2 connecting bus. I’m not too familiar with Harlem because I’ve always stayed in Manhattan and Brooklyn so this is quite an experience. I’m hoping to go to the Apollo’s amateur night next Wednesday. I received a  to meet with one of my LinkedIn connections for a brief informational session. I’m making sure to follow-up with them even if they aren’t official interviews. All of my contacts are important. I’m grateful for them even responding to me!! LinkedIn is an excellent networking tool. If only it can land me an internship now…….till tomorrow!