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Cake Opera – Not Your Average Cake Boss

With the holidays here, I thought that a feature blog post on Cake Opera Co. would be an amazing  way to share the pleasure of cakes and goodies for office parties, potlucks and family dinners. Cake Opera has made incredible strides and is taking their expertise on the road! Head over there while they're still… Continue reading Cake Opera – Not Your Average Cake Boss

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Chakras to Shock Ya…..!

What IF someone could tell you about your future.....or read you tarot cards that could give you advice about 'what to do'? What if someone could 'cast a spell'?In modern society all these remedies, answers and problem-solvers may seem like a quick solution......but truly understanding your self through study of the body/mind/spiritual soul connection is… Continue reading Chakras to Shock Ya…..!