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Finishing internships is like so last year!

It’s been way too long…..after 2 months of early mornings, I’m proud to say that I love PR! I completed my internship on December 29,2009! It was an amazing way to finish off the year and I’m eager to find opportunities that are custom fit. I worked in the consumer care/beauty “department” and loved it! I found myself getting very focused at times. I enjoyed the tedious preparation before an event. The prep helped me see the bigger picture and anticipate the level of dedication required. Some of the skills I acquired were:
Media coverage tracking – I had to learn over time that having coverage trackers ready for client consumption was key.

Pitching – Phone & media pitching. I gree confidence in this area. Part of being able to develop stronger pitching was my ability to hear/feel the media contacts response to the pitch.

Active writing – Writing actively meant being concise,focused and developing for the audience. Having a clear writing objective for industry websites vs. electronic pitches for industry media equals very different

Keeping track of media impressions – This had to be a science of sorts : ) Running in EVERY morning with commuter papers and publications anticipating media coverage for the client, had me feeling very in tune with the beauty industry.

Media list building – This was so challenging. A proper media list gives you a chance to clearly redefine your client’s objectives. By aiming to the correct media outlet, I found that the media contacts were open-minded about covering the topic in their publication or running a product review in their blog or even better: attending the event planned by my firm!

The list of skills I acquired was enough to make me feel that I chose the right industry and that I will consider starting a business……….

Until then, I’m trying to “build relationships” with people and organizations that I can benefit from and can also benefit from me.

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I’m an intern!


I started my internship at Manning, Selvage & Lee on November 2nd 2009. I’m enjoying every minute of it! This internship is very different from what I expected in an internship. It’s a large company with an interactive setting. I’m working on the consumer care side. I’m learning the process and procedure of event planning, media relations and media monitoring for now. The one thing I have realized to be VERY important moving forward is building networks and relationships. Building networks enables you to be more productive on the job. Much more to come but just thought I’d update!