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House Music Series Toronto LOCAL – Summer 2014 – Installment 2 – Bunda Lounge: The Meeting Place to Dance

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BundaĀ Lounge has hosted some fabulous DJsĀ inĀ the lastĀ FOUR years! BundaĀ just celebrated its fourth year this year!Ā  I always wondered where the club name came from. It has a ring to it. Ivan explained, “It’s a slang word for a ladies’ derriere…..I won’t go into anymore details”LOL. Apparently thisĀ is the slang used in a few countries (Angola,Brazil,Haiti)! It’sĀ quite a catchy name with staying power just like the transformationalĀ steps itĀ took to start this joint……

I sat down last week to talk to owner Ivan Fialho of Toronto’s Bunda Lounge. I had an awesome conversation all about one of the hottest homes of the ‘international house’Ā scene in our city.

shine:Congratulations on celebrating 4 years! I had no idea. It takes a lotĀ of dedication to keep something going let alone a business…What started Bunda?

Ivan:My involvementĀ in music started this.Ā I came to Toronto at 14 and began helping my brother with his music thing. He used to DJ and spin at different places and I’d carry his records. After he threw in the towel-I started spinning out at parties (specifically African music, Zouk & Kizomba etc.)

shine:What type of place did you want BundaĀ to be? What’s the best thing about running events here?

Ivan:All elements of BundaĀ including the music featured here, the acts that play here are reflective of my musical background. It’s not by chance but by design!I specifically wanted to focus on my (Angolan)Ā roots music-Ā the kinds of musicĀ I grew up dancing to with my Mother. As a child she would force me to dance with her and as I got older I learned to like and really appreciate this music! Bunda was born out ofĀ  wanting to moveĀ  forward without having to move from venue to venue. I wanted aĀ place where my musical tastes could have a unique exposition of culture.

shine:Ā Bunda’sĀ location-Why Dundas/Ossington?

Ivan:Ā When I first got to this neighbourhood, no one was here! I knew this area was gonna be aĀ bustling area.Ā This area was initially 90% Portuguese and 10% Vietnamese. Now the area catersĀ to all kinds of people bringing business to the area! PeopleĀ here are open to all kinds of foods, music and services!

shine:Ā Last Summer Bunda Lounge was quite the hotspot, EVERY WEEKEND….you Ā collaborated Ā with United Soul/Groove InstituteĀ extensively last year; what’s in store this year?

Ivan:Ā The partnership continues this year! It’s been quiet the last few weeksĀ because of this year’s World Cup and the gamesĀ brought some good business lol. We’ve got some big acts lined up forĀ  the next 5 months. Some of the big acts from last year are returning and of course, we will alwaysĀ continue to work with local talent.

shine:Ā What was the best event you’ve held at Bunda Lounge?

Ivan:Ā Hands down, the BoddhiĀ Satva party! That party was on of the onesĀ that stood out. He took us on a journey! The vibe that night was incredible. HeĀ showcased all kinds of real good music. He told a story! (I totally agree with him about this.)

shine:Ā What’s the future ofĀ BundaĀ Lounge and the Bunda Lounge brand?

Ivan:Ā BundaĀ Lounge is here to stay. We’re gonna keep going. We’ll continue to showcase what BundaĀ does best. With whatever you do understand that you can’t please everyone but you’ve gotta try. When I startedĀ I didn’t know anyone-no one knewĀ about this venue. Now,I take time to build solid relationships with the establishments around BundaĀ andĀ others in the industry. I’mĀ creating aĀ sort of Bunda Renaissance.

The LoungeĀ is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays every week! They are open occasionallyĀ during the day for games/matches on TV (World Cup). For folks who don’t know, Toronto is aĀ PATIO city!There’s a patio outside where you can grab a few drinks and chill. BundaĀ is availableĀ on Sundays for private events. They’ve got a Hump Wednesday night coming up. Thursdays and Fridays usually have some dope house nights andĀ SaturdaysĀ are usually the best nights around!

Ivan still spins in the city and will be playing at this year’s Festival Kompa Zouk Toronto – The festivities run from July 26th to August 4th 2014. More things to do in Toronto! Check it out here:

This Saturday Groove InstituteĀ is back with legendaryĀ localsĀ Dino + Terry this Sat July 19th at Bunda! It’s always a dope party! For locals, see youĀ there! For out-of-townersĀ and internationalĀ visitors toĀ Toronto, it’s truly aĀ one-of-a-kind party! If you’re visiting Toronto find BundaĀ on Twitter @BundaLoungeTOĀ or Facebook!


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Ā Ā -shine