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Luka – Overstanding Remixes feat. Jaidene Veda (Album Review) for


If you listeners can recall she brought singles Flo (2009), Do for Love (2010), Healing (2012) with Toronto DJ/Producer Victor Undergroundvibe (Soul Expansions) and now- sexy single โ€˜Overstandingโ€™. Her vocals ride the beat effortlessly and she enunciates each word for you to feel the melodies.

The chorus resonates:
I tried, I cried, Iโ€™d fight, but now Iโ€™m overstanding this town, overstanding this sound, overstanding all around, overstanding this, now Iโ€™m overstanding my ground

She uses her voice to capture overstandingโ€™s (Rasta) meaning beautifully.
Her vocals are neither overwhelming nor overstated. Less is definitely more here. Be sure to also check out the Overstanding remix by SIR LSG ( & Anthony Nicholson (Miquifaye)
Enjoy this end of summer beauty. Itโ€™s on repeat for me!