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Comfort Fit – Worlds Falling Apart – Album Review for

German producer Comfort Fit’s latest album, Worlds Falling Apart is the epitome of dopeness. This is what true ‘Mashups’ should be seamlessly made of…no forced sound.

The stand out track Guess There’s Nothing More to Say blew me away! I call this an electro-Jazz-fuse-conjecture. Bermuda and Moonshine Navigator sound like Disco-Jazz tracks fast-forwarded to the future!

This cozy, trippy electro fusion of sounds is an intelligently customized and brilliant pairing of all musical genres that Comfort Fit is known for. It’s scary to think that underground has a whole other element of artistry and should remain untouched to keep the freshness, the vitality intact. At the same time, everyone who doesn’t know about Comfort Fit needs to hear this and if they do know…check this album

It’s very Zero 7, Jazzanova wrapped up in a techno sandwich. You can hear Comfort Fit’s hip-hop roots with the light scratching, sick flowing beats and instrumental hooks. Just when you think you’re acquainted with what you’re hearing it changes. You’ve got to hear this to understand just what I’m writing about.

Worlds Falling Apart, the final track and title of the album is beautifully composed. If you enjoy ethereal flows and painted pictures of liquid without vocals this is the album for you. Another favourite of mine: Adolar Aluminum plays like a binaural beat for the renewed soul. The short and well arranged album, designed for those who need to kick back and zone out for some time will enjoy this record. Comfort Fit’s got the true mash-up music formula down. First Word’s got an ear for incredible talent!

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