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The Body Shop Canada – Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub

Tea Tree Scrub

Just in time for warmer weather to help shed dead, dull skin and not only on the face! Body Shop’s SQUEAKY CLEAN SCRUB is a new addition to the longstanding pore-removing tea-tree line. This scrub has replaced what they used to have (BLACKHEAD EXFOLIATING WASH) which was thicker with coarser grains made of apricot pits; which is much too harsh for the face.

It’s got a very fresh scent (tea tree oil, lemon extract,peppermint oil) and washes very clean! The tea-tree oil is Community Fair Trade Oil from Kenya and stem-distilled to pull out the oil used in all the tea-tree oil based products!

The East Coast dry winter weather made my combination oily skin oilier on top and reactive beneath the top layer. I broke out constantly this season. This wonderful clear scrub is great at removing dead skin cells and penetrating large and constricted  pores to minimize potential and existing breakouts.

I’ve used it now for about 6 weeks and I’m seeing clarity I haven’t seen in a few months. I alternate with OBAGI foaming cleanser and really concentrate mostly on my acne-prone areas (cheeks and chin). The granules in this scrub can withstand tons of water and really helps to buff the skin.

Many skin care brands are found to produce face and body-scrub products with man-made materials, detrimental to our water ways and wildlife (fish,birds). It is wonderful to see and feel that The Body Shop has made a scrub in which the beads melt as the product foams.(No synthetic granules)

I believe this new squeaky-clean scrub is an incredible upgrade because of it’s clear consistency. The previous formula was pasty and could still cause breakouts with combination/ reactive skin.


scrub on hand

It lathers quickly and  remains lathered for a long time! Not much is required unless you need to scrub your neck! This scrub is so good it can be used all over the body including any acne-prone or sweat zone areas on the body! It is great for the back and shoulders after a workout or when summer arrives!

It’s main ingredient (Melaleuca) is great for keeping intimate areas clean after waxing and shaving. Great for bikini lines and underarms and to prevent ingrown hair!

If you like clean, fresh smelling products this is for you! If you love tea-tree oil,this will be a hit. Don’t worry it’s not only for ‘blemished skin’.


The Body Shop Logo


*If you like this product review there are more Body Shop products to follow…stay tuned 🙂




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